Friday, September 04, 2009

Let's Try This Blog Thing Again

Okay, so I'm in a tremendous period of personal growth and it's occurred to me that I'm really behind the times with this blogging thing.  I think I'd be good at it.  I think it would benefit me with all the neat things that are happening in my why the hold up?  I think all the html technical stuff is so confusing.  That said, for a whole $1.50 I purchased a blog background that is really pretty from House of 3 today.  And lo and behold!  It works.  Simply follow their hard-to-find tutorial and voila!   Pretty blog background. much to do:
  • Concentrate on weight loss and eating healthy and properly (it's time for a Jenny Craig anytime bar!)
  • Focus on schoolwork - 2 new classes at DeVry towards finally finishing my Bachelor's Degree in Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship.  Woo hoo!
  • Find a job - a good one
  • Really start this jewelry making business properly - I'm already on a roll
  • Volunteer for The Last Fling this Labor Day weekend
  • Scrapbook Cathy Zielske's new class on Big Picture - Me: The Abridged Version
  • and so very much more! 
So.....I must begin my day.  Jasper is asking to go out....I need to shower and there's a whole heck of a lot on my plate today.  I hope you're having just as much fun as I am staying open to life and saying yes a heck of a lot more than you say no.

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